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About Loyalty Program

1. Eligibility:
This loyalty program is open to customers who have made a certain number of purchases or spent a minimum amount, time frame of the voucher has been set as one year.

2. Points accrual:
Members earn points for every purchase they make, with the number of points awarded determined by the amount spent. Besides, each coupon is limited to one-time usage only without any minimum purchase.

3. Rewards redemption:
Members can redeem their points even when sales and events are happening as well as for promotion items. However, coupons are not applicable for cash changing. 

4. Expiration:
Points will be expired after a year or if the loyalty program is terminated. 

5. Membership cancellation:
The brand reserves the right to cancel a member's membership if they engage in fraudulent activity or violate the program's terms and conditions.

6. Privacy policy:
Members' personal information may be collected and used in accordance with the brand's privacy policy.

7. Changes to the program:
The brand may modify the loyalty program at any time, with or without notice to members.

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